Tips for Mobile PPC when you do not have a Mobile Website

The world has gone mobile, and you haven’t yet done so! No need to worry yet, you can still monetize through the mobile traffic. All you need to do is opt for reputed PPC services. Absence of a mobile website does not end your chances of getting sales through relevant mobile searches. Progressive planning by top pay per click company (or companies) in India, have helped business owners without a mobile website make money through mobile advertising campaigns. Such campaigns, when taken as an add-on with normal PPC services can double up your opportunities of sales. And as the Google Adwords agency would counsel: all you need is a mobile landing page.

How to overcome the need of mobile website in Mobile PPC?

The answer to this question is simple. While regular mobile PPC uses the click-to-buy mechanism you can mold it into a click-to-call action. So, the ads you are running would earn you callbacks. In this age of Internet enabled mobile devices, we often forget the primary purpose of a mobile device is to make calls! With your attractive copy and creative along with proper ad positioning, as decided by PPC experts, you can get a fair amount of inquiries. This change in strategy is very simple to implement and all that the Google Adwords agency has to do is remove the option of clicking to reach your mobile website through the ad, and enable the option to make calls. The option has been creatively titled as click-to-call.

Other essentials for the success of the campaign remain the same (as that of a website). And it is just up to the quality and experience of the pay per click company in India to give you good leads.

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