What are the best mobile SEO tools?

The consumer world is going mobile, in such a scenario the need of the hour for every business is to include mobile SEO in their promotion strategy. When you look around, there are many quality SEO servies in India that can do the perfect job for you. As more than 70% of purchase decisions are taken through mobile searches today, it is important that your business comes up in relevant searches. The figures for purchases done through mobile devices is on the rise and will continue to do so for the next few years. So, you have to seriously start thinking about tapping into this potential market and mobile SEO is your answer.  Being a new service offering by SEO agency, business owners often wonder how the SEO professionals can work the same magic in mobile searches? They do so with the help of some great tools. We thought of listing some of them:

  • Google’s Mobile Friendly Test: This new test tool by Google helps the SEO professionals understand the performance of the website in mobile searches. It will quickly diagnose a website and come up with issues that can then be fixed by web developers.
  • Feed The Bot: Offers a detailed diagnosis of your website where different elements are judged. This tool will rate your website in terms of its performance, user experience and other important facets. The results will also carry suggestions on a wide range of mobile search engine optimization functions.
  • Screenfly: QuirkTools has come up with this immensely helpful tool for SEO services in India. The tool helps in understanding the best ways to configure a website for different devices. You can quickly view the website across a range of mobile devices and carry out the essential adjustments.
  • Moz Local: Coming from Moz, this tool allows the users to check relevant business listings. The tool can be used to create or update business listings with accurate information.

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