App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

" Reach where the crowd is! "

The digital marketing scenario has a new field waiting to be explored and we at AdMedia can help you get seen in app store. In the last few years, browsing behaviors of customers have undergone a sea change and it owes a great deal to the mobile innovations. Purchases, bookings, surfing and much more is possible on the go with some taps on the mobile screen. To make a short work of their efforts, the customers prefer to keep prominent apps stored in their mobile. And where they turn to before downloading such apps? Of course, the app store!

Modern day businesses are realizing the crowd that waits for them at app store. But, merely having a presence on app store is not enough to get the desired ROI. For that, a systematic approach to mobile app marketing and optimization is required. At Admedia we are able to deliver that and much more.


Modern day customers are searching for answers to their problems on app store. If you are seen in relevant searches, you can quickly find a place in the customer’s device.

    61% of users download an app after browsing through the app store.
  • 15% of Android users download the app after searching on a search engine.
  • 58% customers research about brands before purchasing online.
  • 17% of users download an app after they have heard about it on social networks.


  • Optimizing the existing: We would not ask for many changes in your existing app, rather we would analyze the existing structure, flow and content of the app to give our insights that make it user friendly and add extra value.
  • Creating Brand Value: We bring a unison of brand value across the web and mobile presence for your business through our strategies.
  • Threat Analysis: Whatever niche business you are in, there are always other apps vying for prominence on the app store. We account for such risk factors and other obstacles in the discovery of your app.
  • Point to point optimization: Our systematic optimization process makes sure your app ranks high in related searches and attracts eyeballs.
  • Featured apps: If your app is featured, our services can help it remain on top for long.


  • App Title Optimization: Within a few seconds, your app’s title tells the user what your app does. If an user cannot grasp what pain point the app will resolve, after reading the title, then the opportunity will be lost. Within 255 characters, users have to be clearly communicated about the convenience your app can bring to their lives. Keyword stuffed titles do not work and are rather too long, so we bring in a rational approach.
  • Keyword Usage: Only 100 characters are allowed in this section, so choosing the best keywords is essential. To pick these keywords an in-depth understanding of your business niche as well as competitors is needed. Then again, the keywords should be changed from time to time keeping the app appears high on search results. Using generic or too long keywords is not our way of going about the job.
  • Managing App Reviews & Ratings: 30% or more of the app store rankings are based on this criterion alone. With correct on-page optimization, core analysis and tracking mechanisms we are able to understand how the users are reacting to your releases.
  • App Description: At this point, the user is curious to know more about your app. Before downloading the app, the user would like to know what great features you have in store for him/her. This makes the app store description one of the key areas of ASO. Short selling here is bad, over selling can prove disastrous in the long term. We help set the user expectations in accordance and help your app achieve high downloads.
  • App Screenshots: Just before the user downloads your app, he/she would like to see some screenshots that display clearly the app’s functionality and highlight its best parts. The space allocated should be wisely used to display flow and structure of the app, with definitive texts about the purpose. At the app store, most users judge the book by its cover, and we will help you get the perfect cover!
  • App Category: Many would feel – Oh that is easy! It is not so. Choosing the primary and secondary categories for your app is a big decision and one that could decide the success of your app. Right category will put you in front of qualified customers, while wrong category will lead to lacklustre performance. We analyze various aspects to set the category.

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