Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

" When a million eyes are on your reputation! "

Your reputation is everything in the online world. Negative results will not stay hidden for long, unless you take expert actions against them. At Admedia we can regain your reputation by delving deep into search results, social media and utilizing many other proven strategies. Most of our clients come to us when they are haunted by negative reputation (with wrong things posted against them), others simply want to enhance their online reputation (to enhance their visibility).

While most Online Reputation Management (ORM) services focus on pushing the negative mentions down in the relevant search results, we have a different approach. We try to shift the negative mentions and conversations into positive. This approach helps us provide a long term solution to online reputation issues. We keep a keen watch on any new negative mentions and proactively defend your reputation in the digital world.

We have worked with all levels of individuals and organizations from politicians, executives to small businesses and large corporations, helping them maintain a balanced online reputation in all relevant digital channels. For our experienced, sophisticated and data driven team of experts no job is tough. Our efforts make sure that your online reputation represents the brand essence.


    90% drop in sales were reported by businesses having online reputation problems.
  • 41% of businesses were affected by online negative reputation.
  • 58% customers research about brands before purchasing online.
  • 67% of customers read or are influenced by online reviews.


  • Suppression or pushing down the bad (negative) search results
  • Protection of search results against negative publicity
  • Removing negative and defamatory search results and web pages
  • Online review management by managing or removing negative reviews
  • Monitoring and improving social media reputation
  • Building a strong, trustworthy and marketable online brand reputation
  • Wikipedia reputation management
  • Improving the search results for celebrities and notable personalities
  • Monitoring and reacting to negative reputation threats
  • Search engine optimization for ranking the positive mentions and comments
  • Consultation and strategizing online reputation management


  • You have to be open to fixing the existing problems or should already have taken steps to fix the causes of negative mentions. Your reputation cannot be managed until the earlier problems are resolved.
  • If you have broken the laws or caused harm to someone/something, we will not work with you until you have done your time or paid the dues.

Reputation cannot be build overnight; it will take a certain time. All the important information and assets required for the work needs to be provided when required.


  • Research and analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Software recommendation
  • Other recommendations

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