Content Writing

Content Writing

" Communication Creates Brand Impression! "

Whoever said Content is King, forgot to mention the sub-lines. Content is king only when it is able to carry forward the brand value and communicate effectively across channels to the target customers. Modern day content writing has been shaped by the preferences of visitors. The long explanatory artistically composed and literally pleasing online writings can only exist if they are read-worthy for the visitors. With abundance of browsing options, multiple screen sizes and mindset of online readers has posed many severe obstacles in the path of content marketing.

At AdMedia, we have adopted the new, with our smart and creative thinking. Our content intends to touch upon the pain points of users instigating them to read on. And when they read, mostly they convert. Understanding the target readers, their mindset is an important part of our content planning process and nothing we write excludes the planning process. We value the online space and want to fill it with key information, which in the long run helps businesses prosper.


    Content is the soul of a brand – whether it is showcased on an app, or website or a marketing brochure. Content conveys your offerings, USP and provides answers to queries.
  • If you want to rank high in Search engine results, worthy content with organic use of keywords is essential.
  • Google and every other search engine rates your website against the value of your content and how often it is being updated.
  • Content when posted across channels with high prospects can place you as a thought leader in the industry.
  • The first interaction a prospect has with the brand is through the content, and that helps in the end conversion rates.



Initial Discussion

When you approach us for a content writing project, we would like to know more about your business and its goals. To understand this we would ask for various documents or send over a questionnaire.


Content Planning

Once the information has been analyzed, we would decide on the tone, topics, pain points and language variation that would best suit your target audiences.


Timeline Freezing

We would set deadlines against each of our deliverables and stick to them, meaning your marketing activities do not have to suffer any unnecessary delays.


Content Development

Our content experts develop the content that matches your brand persona and ethics keeping in mind the target readers.


Quality Checking

Before sending the final copy, we make sure the content has been checked by a senior content developer and undergone Plagiarism checks, giving you 100% original and error free content.


Scopes for Rework

Though seldom needed, if you want us to rectify or rework on certain aspects of content we would be glad to carry out those changes. We are open to two reworks against our copies.


  • Article Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Copywriting
  • e-Book writing
  • Social Media content
  • SEO content writing
  • Content marketing
  • Whitepapers development
  • In-app content development
  • Content for marketing materials

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