Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

" For business opportunities on the go! "

Smart phones have ushered in a new era of online purchasing with customers taking critical purchase decisions on the go. The power of Internet enabled devices has opened up new opportunities for businesses. But the challenge lies in managing the small space provided by the smaller in proportion (to desktop) devices to highlight business propositions and turn prospects into sales. A robust and easy to use mobile app could be the answer to reaching out to millions of new sales avenues. That is what Admedia’s mobile app development service enables you to have.But how do you reach out to all smart phone users? They have different OS, versions and devices? This is where our understanding of your business niche and the mobile development platforms comes to the rescue. Whether you want a native or cross platform app development, we can help you develop an app that the prospects would like to keep in their devices. When you get a place in their devices, you get a place in their hearts too! Think of the numerous repeat sales and word of mouth sales opportunities this will open up for you.


  • 51% of online buyers in the US used mobile apps to make their purchases.
  • In 2015, smartphone users spent on an average 2.8 hours per day looking through the screens of their mobile devices.
  • 80% of Internet users worldwide use the smartphones to scan the Internet.


We have high expertise in technologies and software such as HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Corel Draw, Flash, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL among others.


  • Responsive Web Design: Modern day users like to view websites from different devices and just desktops. Our responsive design services make sure your website looks uniformly appealing across all devices.
  • Android App Development: We have built Android apps for businesses across various industries. Our team of experienced Java developers can build scalable and robust applications having clean codes. Our apps look elegant on any Android device screens – whatever is their screen resolution. Our apps are feature rich, not too cluttered in framework and the UX is compatible with latest as well as older versions of devices.
  • iOS App Development: We follow a completely Native approach while developing an iOS app. Using our skills in Objective C, C and Swift technologies we are able to deliver best results for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch applications. Our designs are pixel perfect, apps have robust functionalities and user experience is customized as per the business needs or target audience.
  • Windows App Development: Windows has ruled the world of desktops and laptops for long, and now they are emerging as a key player in the smartphone arena too. Our app developers have been delivering interactive and user friendly apps using SDK for windows mobile applications. We have a complete range of solutions for the operating system.
  • Cross Platform App Development: Modern technologies have enabled businesses to have a uniform app presence across various popular mobile OS. Our cross platform app development focuses on building visually appealing, easy to use, robust and scalable app that carry the same appeal across multiple platforms. We have mastered essential technologies such as PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin and Ionic.


We, a Noida based app development company believe that the key to success in a mobile app development process is to select the right methodology. We are able to select a workable process based on our experience, research and skills. Our confidence in mobile app development helps us guarantee the clients for:

  • Rapid Turnaround: The digital marketplace is changing everyday and our clients have every right to hurry up. Our smooth and resolved development process plays an important role in delivering results faster.
  • Complete Transparency: We admit it – you know your business much better than our research data would enlighten us. So, we keep you in control through our updates on project status. Each and every feedback coming from your end is critical for us in delivering a great end result.
  • Great Quality: We pride ourselves at providing the perfect end result. Our app development process relies on continuous testing, which enables us to find and fix the bugs at early development stages. Each release is thoroughly tested and the customer feedback is collected to enhance the accuracy of next version.
  • High Business Value: The whole point of building a mobile app is to allow the users to tap on your useful features; this is why we take a feature centric methodology where the business critical features are developed first. Any changes in the flow, design or usability are met quickly and effectively.

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