Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

" Every successful business is socially acceptable! "

AdMedia’s social media marketing (SMO) services are designed to keep businesses in control of their messages across the prime social media networks. Our strategies are based on the understanding of your business model, challenges and objectives. We do not believe in the on-size-fits-all approach and focus on the things that matter most for your business.


  • You can address customer service issues and queries as 1 in every 3 social media users prefer social platforms to interact with brands rather than phone calls.
  • It opens up a new channel for one-to-one communication with customers as 29% of all social media users prefer to engage with their brands through leading social networks.
  • Your ads and content get more attention as 1/4th of all social media users pay more attention to ads and content that has been shared by their social connections
  • Reach larger markets, as more than 60% of customers are willing to purchase from businesses that have a strong social media presence.


We follow the Connect, Interact, Share and Engage (CISE) model for all our SMO projects


  • We start by setting up accounts in top social networks.
  • We manage the content flow in all the top social networks.
  • Build brand awareness among the prospects.
  • Create brand loyalty with our unique campaigns.
  • We increase the customer engagement and satisfaction ratio.
  • Social votes and followers are increased in an organic manner.



Social Media Strategy

We will work closely with you and help build a social media strategy keeping your end goals in mind. Whether you have an in-house marketing team (who need some guidance) or you want us to build the social presence right from the scratch, we will help you out.


Brand Management

We will start with finding and using the appropriate user names and profiles for all social network accounts. Brand building is very important on social media, and we will raise awareness about your brand among existing and prospective customers.


Social Media Customer Service

We will handle all your customer queries and issues. The problems will be handled aptly and in a timely manner. Soon, all the potential customer problems will be turned into praises and there will be a team of brand evangelists.


Social Tone

Different businesses have different personas. We will help you find the right tone and style of communication which will portray your business just the way it is.


Social Media Monitoring

We will track every mention or conversation on the social networks to find out who has been talking about you and what they are saying. If it is a negative conversation, we will try and pacify the situation. We would enable you to stay ahead of social media conversations.


Social PPC

Apart from the standard updates, social media ads are an attractive way to improve your brand’s presence and generate interest towards new product or service. We could optimize your social presence by using Twitter Trends, Facebook & LinkedIn ads, sponsored content on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.


Creative Updates

Our team of experienced and creative professionals will help you come up with fast, reactive and goal oriented updates that hit their intended mark and spark discussions, getting your brand the desired coverage.


Reports & Analysis

Social media data can give an entirely new outlook about any brand. Our reports will identify the future activities and contain pointers for not only social media plans but overall marketing approach.

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